Welcome to my virtual desktop. Here you can work with the same tools that I use in Professor Perez's class. You can open or close each tool by clicking its button at the top of the page. You can move any tool around on the desktop by grabbing the red bar at the top and dragging it where you want. You can bring any tool to the front by clicking it anywhere other than the red bar. On this version of the desktop, you have three tools to choose from.
1. These instructions.
You can close this tool to get it out of the way and open it again whenever you need.
2. A movie viewer.
I have recorded all of Professor Perez's lectures on different bases so you can see what an awesome math student I am. (You can also use them to learn how to work in various bases.)
3. An abacus.
This is a virtual abacus which will automatically borrow or carry as necessary. You can change the base used and also add more places to accomodate larger numbers. You can work problems along with me while watching the videos, or you can use the abacus to work out your own problems.
Have fun, and get to work!